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group of diamonds


The most desirable diamonds are those that have the least amount of colour. Quite often however diamonds will have a tint of yellow or brown. Generally, diamond colour can be divided into four categories.

Of the 4 Cs colour can be the most confusing to understand. It’s not until you get to the I-J range and onwards that you start noticing hints of colour and even so it depends on how you are viewing the diamond. When viewed face up the diamond will appear perfectly white however when viewed face down against a completely white background you will be able to detect the colour much more easily. Near colourless diamonds are more common and offer great value for money.

The price difference between the various colour grades can be significant so to help you make the right choice you should really find out which of the diamond characteristics (4 Cs) are most valued by your partner.

Of course diamonds come in a range of colours however coloured diamonds (such as pinks, blues and yellows) are typically referred to as ‘fancies’.   

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