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Carat Weight

A diamonds weight is measured in carats and is the easiest of the 4 Cs to measure. A carat is equal to 100 points or approximately 0.2 grams.

A diamond will increase in weight much faster than it increases in actual face up diameter. An ideal 1.00ct will measure approximately 6.5mm in width, whereas a 2.00ct diamond will measure approximately 8.2mm width. The proportion of weight increase is not proportional to the appearance size increase.

When selecting carat weight consider factors such as:

  • Personal preference;
  • Finger size;
  • Practicality; and

The characteristics of the other diamond elements which will complement the size of the diamond.

If you want to “try” on some diamond rings in the comfort of your own home, download the Showcase Jewellers app from iTunes or Google Play. With the app you can “try on” different ring styles without leaving the couch and also share your favourite designs with loved ones- hint, hint!

Ultimately the diamond you purchase should be chosen based on personal style and budget. If the diamond is being purchased as an engagement ring then try and gain an understanding of what your partner likes and even ask friends or family for advice. Or, if you’re like a growing number of couples, you may find yourselves making the decision jointly.

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